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Hardwood: Classic. Natural. Authentic.

Hardwood floors can last a lifetime. With many colours, finishes and textures available, a various selection of solid hardwood is fundamental.

Engineered Wood: Urban & Unique.

Engineered wood can be traditional, as well as modern. In many lengths and widths, textures and finishes, an engineered product is stable to last throughout North American climates.

Laminate: On Demand.

Becoming more and more popular for residential and commercial use, laminate flooring gives the impression of real wood looks. With texture to match grain and trendy colours and styles, it's hard to tell what's what!

Vinyl: Moisture Resistant. Realistic. Durable.

From heat and moisture to dry and cold, vinyl can survive it all! This synthetic material can give the illusion of a porcelain tile without the cold, hard touch. It also gives a wood-look without expansion and retraction throughout climate changes.

Cork: Environmental. Natural. Warm.

Cork can be many things. With earthy tones and soft foot to floor touch, natural elasticity plays its parts. From floors to walls, sound absorbing cork can go anywhere!

Tile & Stone: Moisture Resistant. Elegant. Durable.

Porcelain and ceramic tile is a staple material in high traffic areas, bathrooms and kitchens. Its synthetic, durable qualities can last in any environment. Stones such as marble and granite give an elegant look with staying power.


Synthetic: Stain resistant and soft to touch.

Carpet that feels like silk, durable enough for stairs, and tough enough to fight stains can make the difference!
Contact us for more information about the carpet we carry.

Wool: Warm and Natural.
With its warmth and depth, a classic, neutral look never gets old. We also carry collections with a variety of patterns and colours that break through the mold and make a statement.

Contact us for more information about the materials we carry.

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